Welcome to the Leadership Recipe Experience

“Becoming Leaders of Leaders”

The power of conversations, ideas, and community all wrapped up in the experience of a leadership network!  Both Steven Iwersen and Candy Whirley have traveled around the world as featured leadership speakers and trainers.  Now, they’re joining together to create a platform and experience where leaders come together (online and in person) to interact with each other in a creative process of developing new leaders!

In this leadership community website you will find FOUR SIMPLE RESOURCES intended to help you develop your own leadership skills as well as building a stronger team of individuals that confidently make your company one that sets the trends of success in the marketplace.

  • LISTEN (Audio interviews – Leadership Matters),
  • WATCH (Video Conversations and Lessons),
  • COMMUNITY (The Place to Connect with Other Leaders) and
  • EVENTS (Live, Online, and Social Media resources).

We’re glad you’re here.  We’ve been saving you a place.




Steven Iwersen at  steven@steveniwersen.com

Candy Whirley at candy@candywhirley.com